Learning together!

It was wonderful to welcome our parents into class this week and to learn together. We tackled some long division together and taught each other how to apply our learning to solve some division problems. Thank you to those parents who were able to join us. We are looking forward to our next Learning Together morning after half term.

999…What’s your emergency?  We loved our First Aid workshop this week in which we had the chance to practise CPR, putting each other in the recovery position and how to put a bandage on safely. What great learning! We are in safe hands with Year 6!

In our History lesson, we researched the Anderson shelters used during the Second World War. We listened to a public announcement from 1940 and learned what people would have needed to take with them to have a relatively comfortable night in one of these cold and cramped shelters.

In PSHE, through the use of a story, we explored peer pressure and discussed way we can be assertive. Some of ideas included standing firm, giving good eye contact, remaining calm and repeating our point of view. We used our awesome oracy skills to express ourselves brilliantly in this lesson. Well done, Year 6!

What’s the difference between a tint and a shade? In Art, we learnt to add white to a colour to create tints. We used our sketchbooks to collect our tints and made notes of how much colour and white we had used to create different tints. After practising our skills, we used what we had learnt and designed Christmas cards with a winter sky. Keep an eye out for our beautiful designs and be ready to place your order for Christmas cards very soon!

In our Reading lessons, we have been honing our retrieval skills whilst exploring the characters in ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. We questioned why the author waits until chapter 14 to introduce the Warden. We think waiting this length of time adds to the mystery around this character and makes her seem even more intimidating and unpredictable. What a clever writer Louis Sachar is!

As we continue to explore diary entries in English, we have been collecting vocabulary and looking at shades of meaning. We had fun showing the difference between a character feeling anxious and a character feeling petrified!

Have a great weekend!