Learning together

We held our termly learning together morning which an antibullying quiz, following on from anti bullying week to see what we remembered. The classroom was bursting at the seams as we welcomed everyone in.

We have started to publish our stories about imaginary worlds this week,  next week we can start putting our books together.

Our Christmas tree baubles were a trial run for making paper mache shapes in readiness for our erupting volcanoes.  The children enjoyed making and painting them and then selling them at the Christmas bazaar.

As the weather gets chilly we are still enjoying outdoor PE sessions as long as we keep moving. Basketball is great for this as we can practise our protective dribbling techniques.

In Science we have set up an investigation to discover whether fertiliser makes plants grow taller. We discussed how to ensure it was a fair test and identified the dependent, independent and control variables.

Maths has been all about multiplying and dividing and we have worked on our 2, 3 ,4,5, 6 and 9 times tables so far! We have talked about grouping and sharing and repeated additions.

Our Global Goals advent calendar has had us talking all about the meaning of poverty, pollution, equal rights and the gender pay gap. The children have shown great maturity and thoughtfulness as they develop their understanding of these world issues.