Learning together!

For such a short week, we have squeezed a lot in! Thank you so much to everyone who was able to make it to our Learning Together Morning on Tuesday. The children loved sharing their busy fingers activities with you; we have definitely seen a rise in competitive tower building since..!

In the forest this week, we have been exploring the concept of thick vs thin. Some children enjoyed searching the forest floor for thick and thin sticks, whilst others looked to the trees for thick trunks and thin rope swings! The children were also challenged to find something that they loved. For this, many treasures were uncovered, from delicate feathers and bunches of elderberries, to soft chestnut casings that looked spiky.

In PE this week, the children have been perfecting their throwing and catching skills. The children have really impressed their coach, Matt, with their listening and attention skills. This week in particular, the children were encouraged to count out how many beanbags they could catch. This added challenge was a great motivator and brilliant application of their maths skills!

During child initiated play, the children have kept themselves very busy! In particular, the making station has been buzzing with creativity, as a number of different tube creations have come to life, from pickaxes to cranes! In light of this, we would welcome any donations of toilet roll tubes and kitchen roll tubes to replenish our stock. Many thanks in advance for your donations!

The children in Ash class had a visitor from the newspaper this week for their Reception class photo. They were very proud of this as Mrs Lawrence had discovered a letter just before, explaining that the newspaper was taking photos of role models in the community! Do look out for the Independent newspaper over the coming weeks to see their puffed up chests and proud, beaming smiles! We have also enjoyed collecting the poppy seeds from the poppies that were planted last term and lots of other activities throughout the week.

On Friday, the children really enjoyed using their scientific eyes to explore mysterious objects. We thought about how they felt and what they might be. After exploring them together on carpet, the children used charcoals to draw pictures of what they could see.

Saplings have been enjoying using musical instruments within their phonics story telling this week, and Ash have been focusing on the sounds i n m d. I am looking forward to seeing Ash and Beech parents and carers on the 26th September for the Phonics meeting, where Mrs Samuels and I will share what phonics looks like in school and how we can support phonics using reading books at home.