Let’s pause for a moment of Science!

Science is all about discovery. It is about asking questions, understanding our world through observation and experiment. To celebrate British Science Week, Year 6 have been immersing themselves in all things science. We have taken a close-up look at viruses and their structure. We tried making a model of a virus using origami! After much concentration and many folds, we think we managed to create our own ‘virus’ model. What an incredible structure!

What a fabulous morning we spent with Mrs. Pressland, mum to Alfie and Science teacher at Birchwood Secondary School! We learnt about food chains, producers and photosynthesis.

We investigated oil in water to simulate how to clear up an oil spill in ecology. We found different ways of cleaning up the oil spill, from containing the oil to dispersing the oil.

Next we dipped feathers in oil to simulate sea birds caught in a spill and discussed the effects on the birds.

Then  Mrs. Pressland introduced us to the pH scale and tested soil samples for acidity. We linked this learning to our knowledge of how plants are at the start of every food chain and that if soil is too acidic the plants may not grow.

Our time working scientifically with Mrs. Pressland was simply great! Thank you, Mrs. P – we learnt so much!

We continued our learning about producers and consumers in our Science lesson, naming both producers and consumers in different ecosystems. We then spent some time researching a producer of our own choice and created fact files.

We have been busy rehearsing our poems for the upcoming poetry slam competition. We are sounding and looking good!

In Maths, we have been converting measures and using conversion charts to help us. We used our awesome oracy skills to explain how to use a conversion chart.

What better way to end the week than thinking of others. We turned our school blue and yellow, dressing in the colours of the Ukrainian flag, in support of Ukrainians fleeing crisis.  Spreading kindness feels good!

Have a lovely weekend and a well deserved rest.