Life is better when you giggle…!

Yes, life is  certainly better when we giggle and we definitely need a giggle these days!

Today I just wanted to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to make plans to keep the children safe when they return to school. There is absolutely no doubt, nationwide and worldwide every school wants to return to a place where we can open our doors to all our children and staff, but this can only happen when it is safe to do so. Staff are missing your children desperately, I long to be able to talk to parents on the gate, greet children with a smile and a hug but we are not there yet.

However,  we will only re-open when we can be absolutely sure that children and staff will be safe. Any phased return at Little Hadham will be managed with extreme caution and care so that all necessary protective measures can be put in place. This may mean it becomes necessary to take a more gradual approach than the government has indicated. Since Sunday we have been tirelessly working on a plan on how to do this (with the guidelines changing every single day, it’s a ‘fun’ task as you can imagine!) and we will share this with you on Monday.

On another note, I know that some families are using video streaming technology to communicate with each other and I am pleased that you have found a way to stay in touch. However, in line with our e-safety recommendations, I would ask all families to observe the following guidelines to keep their children safe online:

– Children should be accompanied or observed by an adult when using a computer, especially when interacting with others via video stream.

– The instigator of the video stream must ensure that appropriate safety measures have been taken.

It is very easy for these streams to be ‘hacked’ and inappropriate and even pornographic material can ‘pop up’. Thank you to all parents who have invited our staff to take part in zoom meetings. Unfortunately, I have had to instruct staff not to do so, but they will continue to email to stay in touch.

If you have any questions about this, please do send me an e-mail:

In between the millions of emails about what to do after June 1st, it’s so lovely to get the emails of the children’s learning and what super learning it was this week. We certainly have some artists in the school- the pictures I have seen of Starry Night are amazing!

Well done everyone and I wish you all a fabulous, healthy and sunny weekend!

Sinead Connolly