Lime 10th February

Lime class have been very busy measuring and learning to convert millimetres to centimetres and metres to kilometres.  We have even found out how to use and apply our knowledge of multiplication and division to help.

After learning about a famous sculpture names Augusta Savage, we use malleable materials to make realistic head and face shapes so that we could appreciate just how much work actually went into her pieces.

In English we have learned a poem about Loki the Joker and composed a new stanza using the correct rhyme and syllable patterns, thinking about style and alliteration.

For our history, we made a graph of Viking successes and failures in Britain using historical events.  From this we could see just how close they were to taking over! We also became archeologists and researchers and looked for evidence to help us to discover what the Vikings were really like as opposed to the exaggerated ideas and misinformation we may have due to films and stories.  Did you know that they never actually wore horned helmets?

We talked about decisions and influences in our RE and PHSE – discussing what might have a good or bad influence on our decision making, and how we need think especially hard about on-line influences such as youtube, news and social media.

As part of our fitness unit in PE we learnt all about balance and muscle strength and found out which leg was our strongest by holding balances.

We really enjoyed welcoming parents and carers for learning together morning.  We gave them a snapshot of one of our ERIC lessons so that they could see one of the many great ways in which we learn to be effective readers and writers.