Lime Class 17th March

Lime class have been learning all about the water cycle and relating the process to both science and geography. We have written glossaries to help remember some of the more technical vocabulary needed to explain these processes.  We even spent time pretending to be particles as we learnt about different states of matter!   ‘This is the best lesson ever!’ was the verdict……..

Geography has got us talking about rivers and what we humans use them for, we also looked at pollution and where it comes from.  We found the world’s most polluted rivers in the atlas to see what continents and countries they were in.

In maths we have been placing fractions onto a number line and have also been able to use these number lines along with bar models to find equivalent fractions.

We then used our fractions knowledge to sort rainforest facts into groups of true or false.

We began our new DT project with some practical research into the moving parts found in children’s books and  learnt about the mechanisms that make them work. Then we had a go at making each of the following mechanisms – a concertina strip, a pop out picture, a window, a rotating wheel and a pop up lever.  We evaluated which were hardest to make and why and we thought about the different joining materials we might choose.

Our PSHE this week has been about rights and we learnt about the United Nations and how they have drawn up a list of rights for children.

For English we have been analyzing a famous poem in time for poetry week > we are learning it too and hope to perform it as part of a whole school celebration.

Computing has seen us learn about fake news, what it is, why people write it and how to spot it.