Lime Class 19th May

Lime Class have been very busy learning all about fractions and decimals in Maths. We have found unit and non-unit fractions of amounts, converted tenths and hundredths into decimals and solved word problems.

In English we have been looking at what makes a good setting description – we read one about a thunderstorm, made word banks and then wrote one of our own about a cold wintery scene. We tried very hard to include fronted adverbials and similes, ensuring that our language was powerful and ambitious.

For computing we have been recording footage with ipads and thinking about some tips and tricks to make it better. In Science we raced to light up a bulb using an assortment of components.  We had to try out the components in lots of different ways to see what worked.  When we had our circuits we than tried to add switches.

In music we learnt a new clapping game which had us giggling as we tried to sing and do the actions all at the same time. We also learnt all about the Barcelona based artist and architect Antoni Gaudi and loved examining pictures of his fantastic mosaics which Oscar said were crazy and confusing!

In History we learnt facts about the people who lived in Britain before the Romans came – to do this we played a fun Q and A board game called ‘Crazy Celts’ which was so much fun!

And that’s not all ……. we shared our books with moving parts with Beech Class who said they loved them, planted sunflower seeds for a school competition and had an exciting forest session where we encountered a baby mouse!

Just as well its nearly half term as we are exhausted!!!!