Lime Class 23.6.23

The big news in Lime class is D and T week and our class trip!

For our D and T we researched animations and used the British film Industry website to find out how they are made. We played around with an app on our ipads that put still pictures together to make a short film and then our ideas began to take shape…….

First of all came the characters, the setting and the  story boards.  When the design stage was complete we needed to get drawing, making and painting to make our little imaginary worlds!  Then the fun began as we set up and began to film – which was a lot harder than we had first thought.  The camera position had to be just right and not be able to wobble about,  the scenery had to fill each shot and each shot had to move the story on just the tiniest bit so we needed to be so careful and patient.

Finally, we watched each others films, reviewed then and then evaluated the whole procedure. you can see our mini movies on seesaw.

Last Monday found us lining up for a quick class photo before we jumped aboard a coach to Colchester.  The castle was a fascinating place and was built on the remains of a Roman Temple.  The museum included lots of Roman artefacts and some interactive displays too. We explored an iron age roundhouse, had a chariot race, dressed up like a Roman, made a mosaic and built a Roman villa!