Lime Class 29.9.23

It feels like we are really into the swing of things in Lime, there is a lovely buzz in the classroom with some great work and thoughtful discussions taking place.

our English this week has focused on the Roger McGough poem ‘The Sound Collector’.  We have learned to read it fluently and with expression, we have looked at the rhyme, rhythm and format and we have written our own poems in the same style entitled ‘The Colour Collector’. The results were fantastic and so we will be editing, redrafting and ‘publishing’ them next week ready for a classroom display.

In Maths we learnt all about rounding to the nearest ten and hundred and then had some fun with Roman numerals. They follow an interesting mathematical pattern which we all enjoyed working out. How many places can you spot Roman numerals still being used?

For our Science lessons we have been practising our recall of the names of the main bones in the human skeleton and then we moved on to learn about vertebrates and invertebrates – we also learnt what an exoskeleton is and which creatures have one.

In PE we had great fun learning hockey and football skills and blowing off steam in the playground.  We also calmed ourselves down with a yoga session in the hall where we practised breathing deeply and focussed on the contrasts between  stillness and movement.

The children are loving their history. Last week we were considering the effects of the introduction of farming during the Stone Age and classifying the changes that took place. This week we looked at the ancient village of Skara Brae in Orkney. Thanks to the wonder of the internet, we took a peek inside a wonderfully preserved house and used our archeologists brains to label the different features. Then we used our knowledge of the evidence found in the village to deduce what life may have been like there in Neolithic times.

In Art the children looked at an abstract painting of a forest entitled ‘primary colours’. they liked the painting so much that they asked if they could try painting their own interpretations – and so they did!

I know it’s only September but this week we created some beautiful designs for our Christmas cards which will go off to the printer next week and be available for you to buy very soon.  The children worked incredibly hard and are very proud of what they produced (so am I) so we hope you will take a look and put in an order, it will also help to raise money for our school.

In RE the year 3 children had a great time creating Rangoli patterns using oil pastels as part of our study of the Hindu celebration of Diwali. They were able to recall lots of different ways in which the festival may be celebrated and explain what story was told during the festival and why.

Thursday was learning together morning and the turnout was amazing, thankyou to all who were able to join us, and for those who couldn’t – we will schedule another next half term.

This is just a snapshot of what we have achieved so far, it is a very busy classroom and the children are working so hard. Thankyou for your continued support!