Lime Class 3.3.23

Lime class have been busy concluding our topic about the Vikings by answering the question ‘raiders or settlers?’ We learnt that the viewpoints of Vikings have changed over time and we tried to find out why that was.

We have begun our new Geography topic called ‘where does water come from?’ and have started to learn all about rivers.

In maths we are dividing shapes into fractions and recognising what the numerator and the denominator mean. We have also started to look at fractions that are greater than one.

For English we are being persuasive about drinking plenty of water – using emotive language, rhetorical questions, statistics and contrasts.

In RE we have learnt the phrase ‘global citizen’ and thought about what that means in terms of rights and responsibilities.

In art we had fun making our sculptures and they certainly were individual!

To mark world book day we made a fantastic effort dressing up our vegetables and had so much fun guessing who was who and from which book.

We even had one of our governers come and read to us – she read the beginning of Charlotte’s Webb and you could honestly have heard a pin drop. We loved it and all want to read the story or watch the movie.