Lime class 5.5.23

Well what a performance Lime class gave last Thursday! If you missed it a recording of the dress rehearsal is on seesaw.  We are very proud of each and every one of you as you all gave 110%, your enjoyment was clear and that carried the audience along with you………….watch out West End!!!!

We have now dived into the past to find out about the rotten Romans – asking ourselves the question ‘were they really rotten?’  Our feelings have been mixed while we found out about the Roman Empire and about Caesar and his invasion attempts. Apparently he didn’t like the British weather – I just can’t understand that!!!!!!

We used a timeline to place events in order, to learn about BC and AD and to understand when these events occurred in relation to the Viking invasions.

Next we were introduced to Claudius and thought about why he decided to return to our shores, what did he want?

In English we have published our amazing shape poems ready to compile a class book – some of the vocabulary is amazing!

In Maths we have returned to fractions, adding and subtracting them and relating tenths to decimals. We enjoy our Maths and love to discuss the different methods we use to work things out.

In French we are looking at verbs and have so far learnt ten to add to our growing vocabulary.

On Friday we all had our photo taken with a special cardboard visitor! We played History detectives and learned facts about the coronation, then we tested our knowledge with a coronation quiz.  We designed and made our own coronation style crowns which were stunning and very individual.  The street party was fun and loud and busy and we all looked fabulous in our red, white and blue!

Happy coronation weekend everyone!