Lime Class 9th June

After a break for half term, Lime class are back and raring to go!

In Science we have been learning all about conductors and insulators and how we can use fair testing to classify materials.  For maths we have been finishing off our work about decimals and have now moved on to money – adding and subtracting pounds and  pence.

In computing we have continued to be amateur film makers and learn how to film each other using different techniques.

We love our history topic about Roman Britain and this week we had a very involved discussion about whether or not Boudica did the right thing.  We finished off with a ‘would you rather…..’  Some of use would rather be a Celt but most of us would rather be Roman.  Quite a lot of us constructed a good argument for both sides!!!!!

We also played a game where we read information cards about Roman life to each other around the class to gather knowledge and then had a quiz to find out what had stuck in our heads.

In English we have been writing sentences with fronted adverbials, then rewriting them with a different adverbial phrase to improve them.

For PSHSE we learnt all about how to be our best using Harold’s seven R’s – rethink, recycle, re-use, repair, rot, reduce and refuse.

Finally – we were so lucky to be able to see a real roman pot that was kindly brought in by some generous grandparents.  It was mind blowing to think that it was made by a real Roman and we were told that it was thousands of years old………