Lime Class Express Themselves


This week in Lime Class, we have done quite a range of activities.

Have a look at the Sensory Countdown ideas here. The children had to come up with the things they can sense around them, as a sort of mindful meditation. Some children made mini posters of their ideas. This is Kayden’s.

The class had a session with the WWF on Wednesday, finding out about part of Kenya and Tanzania where people come into conflict with animals. The WWF and the farmers there have new practical ideas to help reduce the conflict. Rosie, Jessica and Violet recorded some of the ideas here. Max Hector gives us a gazelle and Benji an aardvark also – animals to be found on the Serengeti.

We tried some colour mixing with a mosaic technique, arranged them over a simple spiral shape. Here are spirals by Max Hector and Ansar. Rather effective!

Lastly, for Golden Afternoon, the children expressed themselves by recreating famous pieces of art!