Little Hadham Love-in!


Welcome to the Lime Class zoo! Lots of the other classes decided to make animals sculptures for their forest zoo challenge but Lime decided to become animals themselves. There were a group of wild monkeys (and one sloth) in the trees and a duo of prowling Cheetah’s underneath. They soon became great friends and under the tutelage of a very patient zoo keeper had lots of different zones to roam free in. One group built upon the horse left by Maple on Friday and an excellent worm collection was made too.



Willow had been on their best behaviour all week so it was time to get the peelers out. It’d been a while since their last peeling session, so everybody practiced how to properly sit and spoke through all the safety agreements. The team then split into 2 groups and one peeled while the other ‘forested’. They loved it and had a conversation about which sticks were easiest to peel. Elsewhere, more renovations of the fort were underway. A grand extension was being put on the back, normally a very tricky task but not for Willow!



The little ones were beside themselves with excitement for the Valentines Disco! They had a chat and decided that Valentines Day was a day that you give cards to your mummy’s and daddy’s. They also knew that hearts were a big part of the day, so they went off and found lots of heart shaped leaves. Then the giant game of hide and seek started up…they ran off in all directions taking it in turns once again to count and hid in some very muddy places!



Beech class were also full of love! Between declarations of valentine wishes, they found themselves seeing hearts everywhere (mainly in leaves and sticks).  They also shared the boggle eggs out very calmly and worked well to make sure that all groups had one. They loved the extended fort and were using it as a pirate ship of some kind, with lots of stick swords. The tree had drawn quite a crowd and it turned out a death defying climber was reaching heights never seen in Beech class!



It’s Friday, Maple are in the forest and another Matilda scene is being staged! A group built their own ‘Amanda Thripp’ by stuffing a coat and some waterproof trousers with sticks and a whole lot of rope to keep them all together. She didn’t have a head but they said that didn’t matter… A group of iron age people made their own weapons and lived at the edge of the forest in their fort. There was also a valentines disco to finish the session. They all sung ‘Revolting Children’ from Matilda and then watched the stuffed Amanda soar!