Mad Hatters!


The week’s Forest started with a very food related session! A brand new restaurant opened called ‘Food Deluxe’ which mainly sold burgers and other meat products. It opened with a bang as a firework display was  created using flying leaves and sticks (although the area was roped off, so everything was safe!) They also finished creating the fence separating the field and forest by demonstrating some excellent stick carrying. It was Roald Dahl day, so a group sung lots of Matilda songs to celebrate.




The oldest members of the school were full of discoveries today! They started by finding a very peculiar caterpillar which they were fairly certain you couldn’t touch. They made sure people were guarding it and a google search discovered it was a ‘Tussock caterpillar’. Do not touch! Then as they were sitting on the stumps at the end of the session and huge scream went up as the biggest Devil’s coach horse beetle was found! It was displayed in a box and shown to everyone and they were very pleased with their haul.

To help them slow down and look a little closer at their surroundings, Ash and Saplings were each given a see through pot to fill with special things! They buzzed around the forest looking high and low for anything special, they compared and traded items, then came back to the stumps for a show and tell. They rushed off and got very creative, making a huge nest/throne combo, discovered the bag full of rope, made a new game where you try to throw the rope over a branch and they’re becoming experts at climbing the tree.
Beech were pleased to find out this week had lots of important food days! They built cafes and chip shops and sold anything your imagination could think up! They worked very hard to queue for the tree and shared the space very well and really tested themselves by climbing higher and higher. They found loads of the painted stones and filled the bucket with them and then a huge swing making session began! Swings going up left, right and centre on any and every available branch. Some survived…others did not!
It was ‘make a hat day’ according to, so that’s just what Maple did! They began by placing random objects on their heads before they got into their creative flow…Lots of sticks were carefully put under hairbands to create antler hats and then plants that were being chopped back were discovered and beautiful flower crowns were made! The grand finale was a hat parade around the forest! Elsewhere, a brilliant den was built and a danger show was taking place in the tree (they were safe at all times)!