Magnets and Saxons!

Lime class have had loads of fun investigating magnets and understanding their properties. They even made connections to their Geography learning by talking about North and South poles.

In History we learned about the evidence that the Anglo Saxons left behind and how it signposts us to where they settled in Britain. We referred back to the push and pull factors that brought them here from mainland Europe.

In computing we are using our IT skills to create presentations by copying and pasting photographs and adding labels and captions.  Maths is all about time, both digital and analogue in hours and minutes, reading timetables, looking at years, months and days and timing tasks using stopwatches.

In English we have been looking at Saxon stories and the concept of heroes and monsters. We are currently creating our own heroes based on Beowulf.

For PHSE we had a little help from our parents and carers at learning together morning to find out all about our main organs – later in the week we got together on groups to form ‘body teams’ and created actions and sound effects to show how the body works as a team to keep us alive!