Making lots of links!

The children were very excited to see the return of our friends the builders to the outside area! They have been working very hard to add the next layer of track down. The children were curious about the texture of this layer: “it’s like sticky glue!” as the rubber material was poured in. We have spoken about how this material will help to keep our bodies safe if we fall off our bikes onto it, and the children quickly began to make links to our PSED learning about keeping safe. It has been lovely to see how the engagement with the happenings in the outside area, is translating into ‘building’ play, with the children really getting into building different structures with the loose parts and blocks. This in turn has inspired a new pirate ship role play area for next half term!

Yoga was a lot of fun this week, as the children played a game of ‘Sneaky Trees’ with Mrs Lawrence! This involved the practice of super listening skills and careful balancing. The ladybird also paid a visit to the children, settling on those who were very still. We are noticing the children using their mindfulness strategies learnt in yoga during different points in the school day, whether that’s returning to a familiar pose, or practising their different breaths (‘bee breath’ is a real favourite)!

Continuing on with our theme of welcoming in the new season with festivals, we learnt about a celebration called Holi this week. The children were completely captivated by the different colours and noticed some similarities between this festival and some others that we have learnt:

“People dress up like Christmas and Chinese New Year!”

“It’s fun… they are happy. Christmas is happy too!”

In Literacy this week, we became authors and illustrators, using our tales toolkit to help us! We thought about our story, “The Magic Paintbrush” and identified the character, the setting, the problem and the solution. The children really have been motivated to write lately, using their phonic knowledge to help them give meaning to their marks. Saplings have learnt e r h f this week, and Ash have been continuing to review special friends. The sounds ar and oa have been particularly tricky to remember, so watch out for cars, boats, carparks and perhaps a moat next half term!

In maths we have been learning about addition, combining two groups, or adding one more, to make a given number bigger. Saplings have been using the word altogether to support their understanding when counting all of Little Bo Peep’s cheeky runaway sheep! Ash have enjoyed playing with the dominoes, which has offered great opportunities to practice their subitising too!

Needless to say, we have managed to squeeze a lot of learning into this short half term! Thank you all for your continued support at home, particularly with reading and sharing stories. The children love telling us about their reading successes, and the support you provide really does show in their phonics learning and engagement with stories and story telling within teacher directed and choosing time.

We hope you all have a happy and healthy half term break and we will see you all again on the 20th February!