Making memories

We had a truly amazing time on our residential trip to Gilwell Park at the start of this week.

From zip wires to climbing to the infamous ‘leap of faith’, we did it all. Each and every one of us challenged ourselves. We tried new things and supported each other, showing true grit and determination. Our final morning was spent team building in the woods and perfecting our archery skills – watch out Robin Hood!

For more Gilwell moments, please visit the Home Page of our website.

To round off this week, we enjoyed learning how to keep ourselves safe by participating in different activities and scenarios at our ‘Crucial Crew’ session. We joined other schools for the morning and learnt how to put someone in the recovery position, how to look after our money, what ‘breaking even’ means and what interest rates are. We also learnt about water and road safety. We listened to an interesting presentation by Rail Network. Did you know it takes a train the length of 20 premier football pitches to come to a complete stop?

We might be exhausted from all our varied activities and experiences this week but we have learnt so much and cemented friendships whilst finding out more about ourselves.

And so to bed, Year 6! Sleep well this weekend. Zzzzzzzzz!