Making new friends and enjoying the sunshine

It has been lovely to have the children back this week, as well as meet new children that have started with us! Our new friends have been treated to a child-led tour of the inside and outside learning environments, as well as receiving multiple offers of help and guidance throughout the day! We really do have a lot of caring friends in our Early Years 🙂

The children have enjoyed the continuation of our gymnastics lessons, as they focused on balancing poses this week. They concentrated very well and were able to reflect upon their own movements and correct their poses to grow their brains even more!

In maths, the children in Saplings have been looking at matching pairs and practicing their counting skills. They enjoyed a game of dominoes together as they took it in turns to place down a matching number. Ash class have been looking at doubling numbers, and have started to explore the relationship between doubling and halving using a sentence frame. For example, Double 2 makes 4… half of 4 makes 2!

We have also reminded ourselves of our grown ups that we trust to help us feel happy and safe in school, at home and in the community! The children used their sounds to label their ‘Safe Hands’, with Ash focusing on including new special friends, and Saplings focusing on initial sounds.

The children have certainly been making the most of the glorious weather we have been having this week! We have made sure that our outside ‘jobs’ have been done, such as watering the plants and feeding the birds, as well as engage in our own activities, such as digging and making music! The sensory garden is looking very colourful now as our geraniums are in full bloom. We also have a new mark making board alongside the sensory garden, which the children have been using to paint what they can see in the garden, from buttercups to centipedes!

Reflecting on our own developing bug hotel, we have also looked closely at different homes and how they are special and important for different creatures. We even looked at the similarities and differences between human homes, and thought about which we might prefer to live in! Some children thought that a lighthouse might be fun to live in, because they can go for a swim if they are feeling hot, whilst others would prefer a castle, so they could meet the King!