Making new friends!

We have been working on building relationships in Early Years, as we have lots of new friends to get to know! The children had a really good time in the forest, sharing songs and favourite games. Mrs Lawrence kept mistaking the children for cheeky monkeys; they are becoming such fantastic climbers!

A real highlight of the week was taking part in Handa’s taste test! After reading our new focus story, Handa’s Surprise, we spoke about the different fruits within the story. With time to investigate the fruits up close, the children noticed that the pineapple was very heavy and the passion fruit sounded ‘like wood’ when you tapped on it. The children used these fruits as an inspiration to practice learning new words! We particularly liked the descriptive word ‘fragrant’.

The children have also been enjoying sharing reading books this week; it has been so lovely to see small groups of friends huddled around a story! During phonics, Sapling have met Fred Frog who has been speaking only in sounds. He has been eating h-a-m and ch-ee-se sandwiches this week and the children were able to work this out using their super listening skills! Ash class have absolutely blown Mrs Lawrence away with their super sentence work, and they are even starting to remember their full stops, finger spaces and capital letters by themselves! In maths, we have been enjoying using dice to subitise numbers, where the children have done a brilliant job at recognising numbers straight away by the dot pattern.