Making the right impression…

This week we have been learning more about the Impressionist painters. We asked many interesting questions such as ‘Were all Impressionists French?’ and ‘Were there any women Impressionist painters?’ We enjoyed researching the answers and presented our learning in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. We also learnt the French term ‘en plein air’ means out of doors and refers to the practice of painting entire finished pictures out of doors. It was then our turn to have a go at the Impressionist style. We used a grid method to help us take original paintings and enlarge them. The results? Impressive Impressionist inspired work!

In Science, we learnt about ammeters and voltmeters and the difference between the two. We learnt how to show both an ammeter and a voltmeter in a circuit diagram. Next, we discussed and made predictions about what we thought would happen to the brightness of a lamp in a circuit if we added more cells and also what would happen if we added more lamps to a circuit. We will investigate and compare our findings with our predictions.

Would you know how to give first aid? In PSHE, we talked about how we might help someone if they had a bump to the head or a grazed knee. We discussed the effectiveness of a cold compress and ice, and we talked about the many ways we can help make a person feel reassured by offering kind words such as ‘Don’t worry, I’ll stay with you’, and ‘You are going to be okay, I’m here to help you.’

We didn’t know… we didn’t know that writing a class poem reflecting on our time in Year 6 could evoke so many happy memories. We are looking forward to sharing our poem titled ‘I didn’t know’ at our Year 6 Leaver’s on the 18th July.

Thank you, Matt! You’ve been a fabulous sports coach and we’ve loved our lessons with you! We had a fabulous last PE lesson with you in the sunshine on Thursday. We’ll miss you but we will take with us the many skills you’ve taught us, along with our love of sport, as we move on to secondary school. Thank you for teaching us!

What fabulous Junior Dragons we’ve been! We have been awarded the top prize for having the best relationship with our partner charity, SPACE. The charity supports families of children and young people who are autistic, have ADHD or other neurodiverse conditions. Hand shakes, certificates and a sparkly glass trophy made us smile this week but the biggest joy came from us knowing we did a great job raising much needed funds for our chosen charity and knowing we have helped to make a difference. As a school, we look forward to working with SPACE again in the future.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend, Year 6. Don’t forget to dig out your coloured t-shirts ready for Sports Day on Tuesday 12th July.