Man on the Moon

In Beech Class we have been learning all about space explorers! We started our unit by looking at the first page of the book Man on the Moon: a day in the life of Bob by Simon Bartram. The children generated questions they wanted to ask Bob in order to find out more about him. They were intrigued by the first photo and this sparked a lot of discussion about what his job could be and what sort of things he could like doing. We built upon this curiosity by getting the children to draft a letter to Bob. In their letters they included their questions before sealing into envelopes and addressing them to Bob. They really enjoyed this process and we have been blown away by their writing this week! Their excitement when putting the stamps on their envelopes was so lovely to watch! We are hopeful we will hear back from Bob sometime next week.

As part of RE, we have been learning about different celebrations. We learnt about Diwali and the story of Rama and Sita. The children had a go this week at making their own diyas, or diva lamps, using clay. They looked at different shapes traditionally used for diyas before having a go using the ‘pinch pot’ technique. They found this a bit tricky on the whole but stuck with it and were able to produce some great pots in the end. Next week we will be planning our designs before using paint to decorate them.


In computing we have started our animation topic and have been using the app ‘Stop Motion’. By taking photos of objects in small increments, we brought objects to life!


On Friday 11th November, we had a special school assembly. We had a two minutes silence so that we could think about the lives lost and affected by war.  In our English lesson, we wrote acrostic poems to share our reflections.