Marshmallow Wars!


There was a marvellous role playing game that involved ‘marshmallow lazers!’ Sticks would fire marshmallows at you and you had to try and dodge…or eat them! Instead of saying ‘bang’ you would hear ‘marshmallow’ being said very quickly which was your cue to take cover! A balancing beam was created and you had to carefully make your way across without tipping the beam or toppling over. They also made great use of the trees and the digging zone.



We were still following on exploring their senses in the forest and this week we were talking about the sense of touch. Their job was to find things that were; smooth, rough, cold, hard and soft. They scampered about feeling different sticks and realised that some items might belong to quite a few categories! They showed off their new trophies and then began exploring the fort and using the digging zone. They then made bows using sticks and string, experimenting with different lengths.



It was a bow and arrow day in Beech too! They found the left over bows and began tearing around the forest role playing all sorts of battles. The fort transformed into a live cinema as the builders put on quite the show for the excitable onlookers. They watched as sand was poured on our new field and a very interesting machine was mixing the soil and sand together. They decided that the mixing would either ‘help the grass to grow’ or ‘create drainage for when the rain comes’.



Walnuts were being cracked all over the place and a few shops cropped up selling and swapping things. There was a very important crew, whose job was to locate any shells and bring them to the ‘crackers’ who would then split them apart and send them to be distributed by the shop keepers. It was a real empire! You did have to watch your head though because the wind was sending the walnuts out of the trees and you never knew where it would strike next!