May the 4th be with you: Long may he rain…


It was a very busy forest for Lime and there was a lot going on. The most exciting part of the session involved an unfortunate mouse quickly named ‘Ratatouille’. He was found in the middle of the forest floor and scooped up on some shovels, as work began on his burial site. They decided he died of old age, so that no one was too sad and after a short ceremony, work began on a gravestone. Elsewhere, a Death Star was made using some tarp and Jedi battled their way through the forest!



Willow really got into the Star Wars theme, most of theme chose a different character to be and a huge imagination based game started. Lots went in search of Cyber Crystals so that they could make lightsabres and it wasn’t long before several people were pretending to be baby Yoda! One group very cleverly started a crystal shop and made a lot of money (leaves) selling to everybody else. A great baby Yoda sculpture was made and the session finished with a game of eagle eye…but it was R2D2’s eyes searching for hiding rebels!



A mini cardboard cut out of King Charles III was bought into school, which meant that the forest had to look its best encase the Monarch went for a quick stroll! They set about making the fort into a palace filled with everything a King would need. The chef bought out a mini cake for the king to try and a beautiful flower arrangement was made…but then it started raining! For a short while it was fun to take shelter in the ‘cave’ but it wasn’t long before the forest was basically a river and they splashed back inside!



The rain had slowed to a drizzle by the time Beech were outside. The digging zone was no longer habitable after the shower, to some string was tied across it to let possible invaders know it wasn’t safe. One group decided to try their hand at fishing over the rope and into the digging zone to collect some water. They used a stick with a heavy bucket on the end with minimal success but maximum fun was had while they fished! There were a lot of flowers made in celebration of the king and some triple fudge chocolates too.



Maple were very excited at the prospect of a Star Wars/Coronation session and set to work making lightsabres, stormtrooper costumes, thrones and crowns. It was a very peaceful session, until the clouds appeared…slowly Maple were sent back in groups to put waterproofs on encase a small downpour reared its head and then the thunder came! As most ran for shelter under the trees a huge, bellowing rumble came from the sky and there was a collective ‘let’s call it a day’ and everyone went back to class to dry off!