Star Wars Day was greeted with open arms and excitement! Those who knew lots about the Star Wars universe were off playing imagination-based games as Storm Troopers or Jedi and those that weren’t so sure decided to open up a Space Restaurant with a very realistic-looking Space Burger (they also had some delightful mud lolly pops).  The digging zone was very popular and some glass was uncovered, which was treated very seriously. They made sure a grown-up picked it up and then carried on their way.



Willow are also big fans of Star Wars it appears. Loads of deadly Bounty Hunters roamed the forest in search of bad guys. Some even turned a shelter into a very cool spaceship and cruised around the galaxy collecting criminals. Some feathers were found and a discussion was had about who they belonged to. Some said it was one of the Great Tits who often nest in the bird box but they decided it was more likely to be a Parakeet. Some art was made on the ground in the shape of a potato, which was appreciated by all lovers of fine art…



Ash and Saplings’ knowledge of the force didn’t stretch very far, so it was probably for the best that they had a farm-themed session instead! They were all making cat noises as they were putting their waterproofs on, so they played a cat version of ‘1, 2, 3, Where are you?’ which was called…’Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow meow meow?’. They then became farmers and various different animals (including one t-rex!). A couple of them made a puddle and then poked it with a stick until they decided it would be better as an apple crumble!!



Beech were excited by the idea of Star Wars Day and the forest became a whole other planet! They introduced a space restaurant which then got invaded by a spider. They ‘definitely actually’ saw that the spider had huge fangs and which almost certainly meant that it was a wolf spider and then spent the rest of the time trying to find it without success. Another team made a huge train with everyone holding on to a piece of rope and moving around the forest. There were also a couple who just hung out giggling in the shelter!



Maple are huge Star Wars fans as lightsabres and blasters were swinging and shooting through the rain! The metal detector crew were straight back to work trying to clean up the metal fleur-de-lis they had dug up the week before. They were using a rock to get rid of rust and then began to speak about using baking powder to break the rust down. A shelter made by Maple had survived the last few weeks in the forest and this week they began tearing it down to remodel. A new shelter was also put up but this went up very quickly as its main purpose was to keep the creators dry!