May the Fourth and Fifth be with you!


There’s only one day of the year where you’re actively encouraged to talk about Star Wars, so Lime took that opportunity! They opened a restaurant called ‘Space Burger’ (it was classier than it sounds), made some Ewok cake and of course began pretending to be lots of different Star Wars characters. Some that didn’t make the trip into outer space decided to make use of the digging zone and open a healing shop, with potions for various different ailments. The Anti-tiredness hand cream worked a treat!


The Force was strong with Willow! Nearly all of them decided to be characters from the Star Wars universe and turned the Forest into a galaxy far far away. They used chalk to forge sticks into lightsabers/blasters and also to create various scars and battle wounds. The digging zone was the Sarlacc pit and we had our very own Princess Leia with the classic hair style!


The littlest ones were transfixed by a huge crane that was towering over the school field. They watched the big metal beams being moved around and spoke about what ‘girders’ were. They then turned into human cranes, moving logs from A to B. There were also some self-initiated games of hide and seek too!


Cinco De Mayo + Beech’s natural love of opening forest restaurants = Tacos, Burritos, fajitas and much more! We spoke about what Cinco De Mayo is and then about all the things we know about Mexico. They were inspired to make concoctions using fallen leaves, mud and a whole lot of blossom.


Maple had been digging up bugs in the week, so we handed out pots and they set to work finding Beetles, Centipedes, Millipedes and anything else that they could see wriggling! There was also a sort of climbing workshop that seemed to be taking place. Different people were swapping climbing tips and demonstrating the best way to move around the forest.