Melting treasure

This was a short but busy week for Beech Class! We started the week by welcoming the dads in for some Boxercise. We were really blown away by how many adults showed up to participate and appreciate all the effort to join us. We had mums, as well as some grandparents, take part which made this event extra special. The children threw some good punches and I think the adults will agree with me when I say that it was a pretty tough training session! A big thanks to Mr Edwards as well for planning this fun session and keeping the tunes pumping for us to feel energised throughout.

Another highlight of the week was when we discovered that our pirate treasure been frozen from the cold weather over the weekend! In order to get to our treasure we needed to figure out how to melt the ice. The children planned their experiment and made predictions about what methods would work the quickest. After writing up their plans they had a go at testing their ideas in groups. Some of them found that the salt melted the ice the quickest but the majority of the class agreed that hot water was the most effective method.

Next week we will start learning about what explorers are and how they differed from pirates.