Minimes are go!

Our Minimes have landed! The children have enjoyed meeting them and encouraging them to stand up! The children will be able to use their minimes in all their small world play and across the board in their learning. We can’t wait for the adventures and storytelling to begin!

The children continue to explore and investigate every nook and cranny of their learning environments. We are beginning to see support,  sharing,  cooperation, friendship and kindness as all the children settle into school life more and more.

Thursday was National Poetry Day. We  read a poem every day from a book called ‘I am the seed that grew the tree’ – a wonderful collection of  nature poems coupled with beautiful pictures. The children are picking up rhymes and exploring sounds through these poems as well as sharing thoughts, ideas and questions.

An exciting building venture developed on Thursday afternoon as all the children that were in school worked together on a house.

The children had a lot of fun discussing and changing their ideas and plans as the project developed. There are so many skills involved in working together like this and it was good to hear the chatter, advice and the many disagreements.

We have been as physically active as ever …

… not forgetting PE with Matt and dance with Aimee and all our constant outdoor play.

Friday was ‘Forest School Day’ . A world wide celebration of everything that Forest School is and stands for. We celebrated in style with a fire and popcorn, a dramatic rescue of owl and  Magic Man who came to join in with the fun!

I think we are all ready for a rest! Enjoy the weekend everyone!