Movie Night!


It was one very busy week for Lime in the forest! After last week’s silent movie day, we were in for a viewing of the sequel to Titanic! A group spent the whole session rehearsing, building set and then performed to a very receptive audience. There were 2 intervals for set changes, during which time the popcorn stand opened and the audience queued very politely. The golf course was renovated once more and a brilliant tent was made. Then at the stumps, a bumble bee flew onto a very brave outstretched finger!



Some stones had mysteriously appeared in the forest, it was Ash and Saplings job to hide them for Beech class. A task they took very seriously! Some searched the forest for 15 minutes until they had found the best spot for their stone to be placed and others dug ferociously to make it as tricky as possible. They then got very busy climbing, exploring and swinging. A group also enjoyed the tent that was made by Lime class and sat inside giggling away. Lots of worms were found too!



Beech were so excited to find that they’d been left a special challenge and they were itching to get looking for the 20 stones that had been hidden for them. The set off at an alarming pace and managed to find most of them in the first few minutes and then went off to do their own thing. A few very dedicated searchers found more as the session went on and they ended up with a very respectable 18 found! Elsewhere, some sculptures were made, the swing was used and some Strictly Come Dancing happened.



Maple were very pleased to hear that it was ‘Taco Day’ on Wednesday and made some tacos out of pine cones to share around. They also made a very gloopy cookie to celebrate ‘Cookie Day’ on Sunday. But the themed day that inspired them the most was ‘Farm Animals Day’. They dug and overturned the stumps to become worm farmers and filled up tubs of wiggling things! They loved the new swing and enjoyed hiding the rocks too and managed to find 16 of 20 at the end of the session.