Mud = Easter Chocolate


Easter Holiday excitement was in the air and you could tell, with all the activities going on in the forest this morning! An exquisite collection of chocolate eggs were made by a group who agonised over getting the squishy consistency just right. They then decorated them to make sure they had an extra Easter-y vibe. Elsewhere, a huge worm called Jerry was found and swooshed around the forest. The broken swing was temporarily restored…before the stick broke! Some French lessons were taking place too.



The Easter theme continued with Willow class as they made many mini mud versions of the Easter Bunny along with buckets full of Easter eggs. Some chose a tree for a canvas, while others chose the stumps, so that they didn’t have to fight gravity. A large group spent the entire session thinking up and practicing an Easter play. It turned into a very entertaining and well-rehearsed piece of immersive theatre that was widely enjoyed by all in attendance. Bravo!



The rain had really made the forest swampy this morning, so it didn’t take long before little hands were seriously messy! They decided that the digging zone would be too dangerous and that they needed to build a fence to make sure that no one went in there and hurt themselves. They worked really well together carrying big logs and stacking them up. A drain was coughing out a lot of water and a dedicated group began poking it with sticks trying to clear the blockage. When the water disappeared they were very pleased!



Beech had mixed feelings about the swamp that the forest was turning into! Some worked very hard on making the sludgiest cake in the history of the world. It kept falling apart so they had to use sticks to fence in the mixture. An Easter trail was made using sticks placed on the floor and if you made it to the end you found the Easter Egg leaf! A branch of a tree had snapped in the high winds and a group began trying to plant bits of it back into the ground in the hopes that their saplings would grow.