Music in the forest and sparks in the classroom!

Instruments were on the agenda this week. Inspired by our ‘Music For Schools’ assembly, in which we learnt about different wind and brass instruments, we added a musical note or two to our Forest session.  A harp and microphone were added into the mix and we even started a couple of bands! The rock and roll lifestyle was short-lived and after a short performance, including ‘Let it go’ (don’t sue us Disney), we continued improving our fort from last week. We had various jobs, including gatherers, builders and guards. We worked together brilliantly and our fort has nearly doubled in size!

In English, we wrote informal letters. We used our knowledge from our History lessons and learning about the Second World War to adopt the role of an evacuee. Our letters give an insight into the different experiences of evacuees during wartime. We used a chatty, conversational style and included some embedded clauses too. You can scan the QR codes below and listen to us reading our letters.

In History, we researched evacuation during the Second World War. We discussed what ‘evacuation’ means and the reasons why people evacuate. We learnt about ‘Operation Pied Piper’, Britain’s evacuation scheme in 1939 and discovered that it’s name ironically came from the German folktale ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’

Ever had difficult day? In our PSHE lesson this week, we shared a story about someone having a difficult day. We identified where in the story things went wrong for the main character and made suggestions for how we could make the difficult situations better. Our suggestions included using a kind voice when speaking with others, organising your belongings and being prepared for the day ahead, and helping and showing kindness to others. We then rewrote the story making sure the main character had a delightful day!

This little light of mine…! In Science, we made predictions about what would happen to the components of our electrical circuits when more cells and components were added. We tested our predictions and were then able to form conclusions based on our results. We talked about voltage and how to use an ammeter to measure the flow of electricity.

The long and the short of it…in our Maths lessons this week we have been learning long division. We have almost mastered the steps and are already becoming more confident.


Congratulations go to Violet and Zay, our two newly elected School Council members. We are proud of all our candidates who spoke confidently and delivered their speeches with confidence. Well done, Year 6!

Have a lovely weekend, Year 6. See you on Monday.