News Flash! Back to school on 8th March

We have had yet another week of varied activities and the opportunity to let our creativity shine through.

With the exciting, and much welcome, news that children can return to school on March 8th we decided to capture just how we are feeling about this development. We produced our own news bulletins and did a fantastic job of becoming news readers and ‘on location’ reporters!

We have been learning about and identifying the features of newspaper reports. Inspired by a Newsround story, we wrote our own short newspaper reports.

In Maths, we have perfected finding percentages of amounts and honed our reasoning skills.

In RE, we learnt about the Buddhist celebration of Bodhi Day and we looked at how light is used by other religions in some of their festivals.


We found out about the life of Mary Anning and her amazing fossil find! We also had a go at creating our own fossil creatures.


One more week of remote learning and we will finally be together again.

Have a super weekend