One kind word

This week has been a week to celebrate differences and explore the theme of friendship. This year’s Anti-Bullying campaign, ‘One Kind Word’, reminds us how little acts of consideration can break down barriers and brighten the lives of the people around us. We began our week with an array of odd socks – difference is something to celebrate! We finished the week with ‘Crazy Hair’ day – thank you, Year 6, for styling me too!

In English, we continued the theme of remembrance from last week. We took inspiration from the text ‘Where the Poppies Now Grow’ and its lyrical repetitive verse. We created beautifully moving poems about the events of World War One.

Christmas already? Our creativity shone through as we made our Christmas tree decorations to sell at next Friday’s Christmas Bazaar. Each ribbon tree is beautiful and unique – just like us!

O Fortuna, Velut luna, Statu variabilis! O Fortune, like the moon you are changeable. In Music, we listened to the incredibly powerful music of ‘O Fortuna’. Did you know this famous piece of music was based on medieval poems about the Roman goddess of Fortune? We thought about how people in medieval times believed in fate and we drew pictures of the powerful goddess. We even struck a powerful pose or two ourselves!

There are two types of cholesterol. In Science, we learnt that our bodies make the good kind of cholesterol, needed to keep our blood vessels clean. We also learnt more about healthy balanced diets and foods with low and high levels of cholesterol. During the lesson, we had great fun making our own butter by shaking cream. And of course, we just had to try the butter. The verdict…the best butter ever! Everything in moderation!

In History, we explored the feudal system and how medieval society was structured. This led to an interesting discussion about how society today is organised.

Computers are good at following instructions but not at reading our minds! In Computing, we used coding to create programmes with moving characters. It was super sharing our finished programmes. Great team work, Year 6!

Have a great weekend!