Our first full week in Early Years!

We have had a wonderful time in Early Years, reconnecting with our friends and meeting new faces! The new children have settled in so well, it’s hard to believe it is only week one. Ash class have been super stars at helping them find their way around the environment; the teachers have been very proud of them all.

The children have enjoyed lots of different things this week during choosing time, but have been particularly keen to share stories, complete puzzles and get creative.

All this rain that we have been having has resulted in the discovery of lots of worms! The children have enjoyed searching for them in the outside area, as well as exploring the squelchy mud in the digging pit (suits were a must)! The children have also been spotting the different animal homes outside, including the rabbit holes in the garden and the nests in the forest. This inspired them to make their own animal homes during their Forest session on Tuesday, which somehow ended up with a visit to the moon to search for ‘moon cheese’ to bring back to Earth for the animals!

Alongside lots of child initiated play and learning, the children have also enjoyed adult-directed learning this week, including PE with Matt and Zoe. The children had a lot of fun dancing with Zoe and did a brilliant job listening to instructions. Matt was impressed with the children’s listening ears too, as he set them tricky throwing and catching challenges.

We also enjoyed our first Tales Toolkit session of the year. This is a story telling session where the children are in charge! This week, a frog named Julian was jumping around in his pond, when suddenly the sun came out and the water started to heat up. Feeling too hot, the frog jumped out to get a jug of ice cubes to cool down the water, before hopping off to find a shady spot!

Ash class will be starting phonics next Monday, and we will also be sending home their very first reading book. These reading books will be linked to the phonics teaching of the week; s, a, t and p. Don’t forget, the phonics parent meeting for Ash and Beech class will be taking place on Monday 26th September at 9am. This will allow parents and carers to find out about the phonics scheme used in school, and pick up some tips to support home reading. Mrs Samuels and I hope that you will be able to make it!

Please note that Ash books will change once a week on Mondays, but we will be reading with the children in the week so please put reading books and diaries in the basket each morning. Saplings children will be invited to take home a library book to share at home. Please find the box of story books in the cloakroom and feel free to select one with your child in the morning.