A lovely day for a Hot Chocolate!

What a delightful group to share a hot chocolate and a chat on the first week back! Well done children and keep up the hard work!

Hot Chocolate Valentine’s Day

Great excitement today about the upcoming disco this evening- can’t wait to see all these moves!

Book Club

Book Club have been busy reading ‘The Borrowers’ by Mary Norton. They have been doing activities linked to the book, including making Borrowers and houses for them.

Nursery Admissions

To apply for a place in our Nursery please download and complete the form below.

School Nursery Admission Application Form 2020 (142 downloads)

Hot Chocolate Friday

Boxercise-what skills!

Willow class have been having fun while moving forward, jabbing, crossing, jabbing back… you name it…these kids have got technique and such passion!

Hot Chocolate Friday

What a lovely day for a… hot chocolate, well done everyone and thanks for the delightful anecdotes about life in school this week!

Sports Hall Athletics

Well done to all the year 5 and 6 athletes that represented our School on Friday at the Birchwood Sports Hall Athletics. They all tried their best and came 3rd overall on the day. We were very proud of them and their sportsmanship.

Hot Choc Friday

Well done to this week’s Hot Choc crew and thanks for the great stories and entertainment!


2020 goals have started here at Little Hadham..

This week has been the start of a new sport here at Little Hadham. The children in Lime and Willow have had their first session of Boxercise with Mr Edwards. We haveĀ  already learnt lots of techniques such as how to stand correctly and how to jab, cross and do an upper cut! We know how to be safe during boxercise and we know we are only to use these techniques in our PE sessions.

Next week we will be starting our yoga sessions. Yoga provides pupils with skills to enable them to take time out to consider their choices. It can give them techniques they can use to calm themselves and deal with feelings of uncertainty, stress or Sadness. Yoga lessons also contain a strong element of team work and emphasises the importance of needing other people to achieve shared goals.

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