What’s another word for…?

What a great- tremendous-terrific- remarkable (you choose!) way to spend the morning. And what a fabulous instant resource for the children to use in their writing. Well done children… you can all have a week off!



Golden Afternoon gets better and better!

From monkeying around to developing muscles, what laughter and fun was had by all! Some thoughts from the children were, ‘It was amazing – a lovely opportunity to use the apparatus with all different ages – climbing should definitely  be repeated!’

What a beautiful day it was to be outside taking part in multi sport activities- fabulous teamwork!

Delicious smoothie making and tasting session- where was mine hiding…?

What concentration and creative children we had sewing-very impressive!

Apparently the scavenger walk was amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing and has to be repeated!

Thank you to all the adults for making these afternoons so wonderful- the children thoroughly enjoyed them and got to use so many different skills as well as working with children form different year groups.



Learning in Ash Class

How lovely to see so many parents learning from their children and how proud were Ash to show their amazing  skills and talents off!

Learning from our children!

It was so lovely to see the parents in Willow class learning grammar alongside their children and what competitive children we have! What’s that grammar rhyme children…?



Safeguarding our children in the 21st century.

Last year “The 2 Johns” came to Little Hadham and spoke to parents about keeping our children safe on the internet. The feedback we got from parents who attended was hugely positive, and many asked if we could arrange for The 2 Johns to speak to pupils also.

Although they are extremely booked up, we’ve been very lucky (thanks to Mrs Lloyd-Williams)and have managed to book them in April this year to spend the day at Little Hadham talking to all our children. In addition, if there is enough interest, they have agreed to stay and present an evening session with parents. The Johns stressed that this is really important for both children and adults hear the same message, in order to facilitate joined up thinking.

This is a large investment for our school budget but we see it as fundamental for today’s world and keeping our children safe online in this ever changing world of technology. Therefore, it would be fantastic if as many of you as possible can support us and attend. We feel that anyone who attends will find it very worthwhile. In order to fund the evening we are asking for £5 a ticket.

If you would like to attend please contact the office.


A beautiful blustery day for revamping

Thanks to all the wonderful hard workers for turning out to help this morning, what amazing strength.

Turns out digging and clearing makes you very hungry! Thanks to all our behind the scene helpers too- those supplies were well needed.

What resilience, this sludge will not get the better of us!

Why is our newest edition trying to escape…?

Hot Chocolate Friday

Oh I do love Hot Chocolate Friday and what chatty children we have at these sessions. It’s wonderful to hear all their stories and their thoughts about school life!

Breakfast club fun

Wow such creativity these children have first thing in the morning- they must have had a better night’s sleep than me!

Learning Together Mornings

Our first session of  ‘Learning Together Morning’ is about to begin… Come in with your child and take part in the learning task-we won’t make you do algebra! It will only last about 10-15 minutes and you will be free to flee at 9:10! Think of it as a lovely opportunity to spend time in the class with your child. However, we do understand with work commitments that not everyone will be able to but if you have a family member who can come they will be very welcome. Here are the first dates:

Ash Thursday 14th February
Beech Wednesday 13th February
Lime Friday 15th February
Maple 15th February
Willow 12th February

Visitors from Whitefield


Today we were lucky enough to host a very competitive sporting session with 8 pupils from Whitefield school. Maria, their teacher (who is an Olympian that was awarded Sports Teacher of the Year) and her pupils taught and took part in games with our children. The children loved it and we have even ordered the equipment to be able to play among ourselves and prepare for the next tournament; as we don’t like to lose! What a fabulous experience for everyone involved. A huge thank you to Mrs Afenti-Sassis for organising this visit and being the perfect hostess!

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