Breakfast club fun

Wow such creativity these children have first thing in the morning- they must have had a better night’s sleep than me!

Learning Together Mornings

Our first session of  ‘Learning Together Morning’ is about to begin… Come in with your child and take part in the learning task-we won’t make you do algebra! It will only last about 10-15 minutes and you will be free to flee at 9:10! Think of it as a lovely opportunity to spend time in the class with your child. However, we do understand with work commitments that not everyone will be able to but if you have a family member who can come they will be very welcome. Here are the first dates:

Ash Thursday 14th February
Beech Wednesday 13th February
Lime Friday 15th February
Maple 15th February
Willow 12th February

Visitors from Whitefield


Today we were lucky enough to host a very competitive sporting session with 8 pupils from Whitefield school. Maria, their teacher (who is an Olympian that was awarded Sports Teacher of the Year) and her pupils taught and took part in games with our children. The children loved it and we have even ordered the equipment to be able to play among ourselves and prepare for the next tournament; as we don’t like to lose! What a fabulous experience for everyone involved. A huge thank you to Mrs Afenti-Sassis for organising this visit and being the perfect hostess!

Snow is all around me…!

We had snow much fun, where are the teachers hiding so I can get them with this snowball..?

Scout is back!

Scout our reading dog was back and was very happy to hear the children read. He was particularly impressed that there were a few different Harry Potter books- apparently he loves a bit of magic!

A new pupil, maybe…?


After school club have been very busy creating this evening; all Robot-1 needs now is a uniform!

What a lovely day for a walk!


Ash and Saplings took to the fields today to explore the snow and ‘trolls’ … imaginations were in full flow!

News from the O2

Excitement fills the arena as Little Hadham Primary arrive safe and sound. At the moment they are rehearsing for the big performance later!

First Post!

As Headteacher, I feel it is important to model lifelong learning for all pupils to see!  So, today with support and guidance from Mrs Lammin (what patience she has!) I am learning to use a new website- yeah, another password to remember!

While writing this week’s newsletter I realized that this is my eighteenth week as Headteacher-where have they gone?  Life at Little Hadham is always busy but we do seem to have packed in an extraordinary amount in to those weeks!  With this new website we hope to keep you updated about all of the wonderful things that happen in school as well as send reminders and links to useful websites. We will post, regularly, photos of the children learning and the different things that happen in a primary school, on a weekly basis. Please check back here regularly to keep updated! Please be patient with us during these first few weeks of our new exciting journey…

Happy New Year

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

It was so lovely to see so many smiling faces on Monday morning as we returned to school and even those that were a little unsure seemed to leave with a smile having adjusted back into the swing of things.

We hope you’ve had an enjoyable Christmas and a good start to 2019. The children were very excited and animated when talking about the lovely gifts they have received. Once again, we would all like to say thank you for the lovely Christmas cards and gifts received.

Now we are straight back into a busy term with lots of lovely activities and new topics planned- how exciting!

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