Parachute, Pumpkins and Phonics – what a mixture!

Four final days of friendship, fun and learning have brought the first half term in the Early Years to an end.

Busy Fingers this week included sewing – the children blew us away with their interest in and ability with it!

The weather has been a bit crazy but we have had some great fun outside in it all – rain, sun, wind, warm and cold,

The Beebots have been out and about and through tunnels.

A real highlight of the week was singing ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’ to the rest of our school in our Harvest Celebration. It was so much fun when the rest of the school then sang it with us.

We have had a lot of pumpkins to count, weigh, compare, cut, and hammer tees into. We were all surprised when we opened one pumpkin and it was full of golf tees!

In the forest we were really lucky to find a skull = although may of us thought that it was a dinosaur skull we think it really was a deer.  We looked at it really closely and enjoyed drawing it.  We also made some magic wands.

We are all feeling a little bit like this now …

and are looking forward to a break from school.

Thank you all for coming to see us on Parents Evening this week – it is so good to be able to catch up with you all, in person, and share what we have been doing and how everyone is feeling.

Happy holiday everyone – enjoy the rest! Have a very Happy Birthday on Saturday Freddie. We hope Julian, and his Mummy and Daddy and sister enjoy their very special Wedding Day next week.

We look forward to seeing you all back in school on Monday 1st November when we will be learning about FIRE! as we head towards Bonfire Night.