Party in the Forest!


The ground was frozen solid, the stumps were covered in a thin layer of ice and there was only one thing Lime class could do about it…party! They built a ‘disco floor’ and a roof (stopping for a while to wave the tarp around like a parachute and jump over the ‘waves’.) with some very good double overhand knots. Some performed songs while a DJ orchestrated the whole thing. A salted caramel chocolate cake was made which went down a treat as well. They had so much fun, they didn’t even notice it was -1!



The frost had thawed and the forest was left being very slippy and squelchy by the time Willow got outside. They decided against throwing their party in Lime’s ready build disco room and opted to make a roof over the fort. It took them a while to undo the knots but they persevered and soon, were lashing bits of rope to a new tree. No party would be complete without face painting and some intricate designs were used. There was also a mini golf course but no one could get a hole in one.



It was a cold one, so it was time to get moving pronto! There were several very energetic games of ‘1, 2, 3, Where are you?’ followed by some hide and seek. It was great to see them trying to hide in different places, including the digging zone. A line of sticks was placed along the forest floor, which was to trap anybody running by. The sticks grew and by the end they were more like logs for a game of hurdles. There was a lot of tree climbing and a few Cinderella moments with wellies dropping to the ground!



Beech class discovered that there were a few ‘spider’s webs’ in the forest and went about collecting them to tie to sticks and parade around. Some boggle eggs were found but instead of the normal battle to collect them, they were shared out peacefully with no need for bargaining. In a surprising highlight of the session, a group found an open box of raisins and discussed (at length) what should happen with it! In the end, they decided some birds might eat the raisins and the box should probably go in the bin…



Mud! The afternoon mudfests have certainly begun at Little Hadham. The main aim for Maple was creating the biggest mud cakes possible a la Bruce Bogtrotter from Matilda. They chanted ‘you can do it Bruce’ and a few sung the song from the musical. There were a few excellent cakes and at the end of the session the different cake teams decided to team up and make a super cake! They covered their cheeks with mud as if they had been eating all afternoon.