Performance artists

To be or not to be?! This week in Beech everyone has turned into perfect poetry performers. The children practised using the un- prefix to write sentences that they then performed to the class. They played around with putting the emphasis on different words and using their bodies to express emotion and action.  We consolidated their understanding of syllables by playing some sorting games and had the children clap, stomp and march out the syllables in different minibeast names.  After all this we had them put their learning to good use by writing their own un- haikus.

The Year 1 children did lots of measuring this week in the indoor and outdoor areas as they explored different lengths and heights. The Year 2 children worked hard on understanding and identifying fractions. They enjoyed the hands-on activities that helped them visualise what a fraction is. Here they are playing a game that helped them identify one third of a given number.


We also revealed a new class pet…worms! Although the children took their mini-wormeries home, the fun will continue for a long time as we have constructed our very own school wormery. Beech class will be the main caretakers of our composting worms and we look forward to getting to use the rich soil and worm tea once things get going. A huge thanks to Mr. Trundle who put the entire thing together for us and sourced all the equipment. We are fortunate to have so many wonderful people to help us at Little Hadham Primary School!