Poetry, electricity and Shakespeare

This week in Lime class has been full of exciting and diverse learning experiences. In French, we mastered the essential skill of ordering ice cream in various sizes and flavors!

Our science lessons have focused on building circuits and investigating conductors and insulators, working well in pairs and groups to support each other. In our computing topic on game design, we delved into the history of gaming, even getting to play the early game Pong; this is a version of a tennis style game with basic graphics. We learned about the origins of video games and found out who is credited with inventing them.

In English we shared our amazing ideas and vocabulary banks with each other to creating a fantastic new stanza for the  poem ‘Talking to Tomorrow’ by Ruth Awolola.  She is an amazing young poet whose work we are using for our UK poetry study.  This particular poem describes how thinking about the future can make us feel using imagery. The children have done a fantastic job with their interpretations and blown us all away with their ideas – please feel free to pop in and take a sneaky peek into your child’s book…..

We were captivated by a stunning live performance from a visiting actor from Shakespeare’s Globe, who single-handedly told the story of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” This amazing experience left us open-mouthed with wonder and then, back in class we were able to use the performance to have fun making some  profiles of the characters in the famous play.

In art we recreated a bronze sculpture called “Helping Hands”  by Louise Borgeois using our own hands and then applied our previously learnt sketching skills to make another representation in pencil. In Maths, we revised written methods of addition, subtraction, and multiplication, discussing how these skills canbe used in real life. The Woodland Rangers provided our forest fun this week and we think that they actually enjoyed themselves almost as much as we did!

In PHSE, we talked about relationships and made a relationship tree. This tree recorded who we have relationships with and what these relationships might look like, using green leaves to show the positive aspects and brown falling leaves for any negative aspects. In Music, we learned some salsa moves and sang and drummed along to a salsa beat, which was great fun. Finally, we enjoyed another session with the Saracens for their ‘Tackling Health’ program, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.