Poetry in motion!

Performing their favourite verse was poetry in motion for Year 6 this week as they took part in the Bishop’s Stortford Poetry Slam at South Mill Arts Centre.  We learned and performed our interpretation of the classic verse ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes, and two further poems, ‘Change Sings’ by Amanda Gorman and ‘Good Morning, Dear Students’ by Ken Nesbitt. We were judged on physical presence to give a strong performance; body language, gestures and facial expressions to enhance delivery of the words; and vocal quality including articulation, projection, intonation, pitch and pace.

We performed brilliantly and the judges were particularly impressed by our stage presence and gave our beautiful diction a special mention! Congratulations to all Year 6 taking part. We also had the wonderful opportunity to meet Tom Foolery, one of the judges, in person as he signed copies of his poetry books for us.

In Science, we explored reflections. We learnt about the law of reflection and worked practically to prove that the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. We also learnt about specular reflection and diffuse reflection. Lots of new vocabulary and we made sure our learning was ‘sticky’ (that we were remembering and using our new learning effectively) by playing an end-of-lesson quiz. We demonstrated super ‘sticky’ learning! What super scientists!

In Maths, we learnt how to construct line graphs and use them to help solve problems. We represented two sets of data on one chart and also wrote our own questions about our own graphs.

If you fancy a fabulous ‘getaway’, we would suggest Iceland! Our persuasive travel texts are sure to convince you. Whether you have an adventurous nature and enjoy hiking or are seeking the culture of the bustling city of Reykjavík, Iceland should be your number one destination.

Anyone for cricket? In PE, the pitch was ready and the stumps were waiting. We refined our bowling technique and kept our eyes on the ball. Great skills developing! In athletics, we worked hard to refine our running technique for short distances.

Enjoy the long weekend. See you back in school on Tuesday.