Popcorn Party!


Rebellion! Lime were displeased with the weather and the fact that they were having to wear their waterproofs in July! The ground was quite muddy and they agreed to put them on but weren’t happy about it. They soon calmed down in the forest after a few marching drills and then got busy. They made Apple Pies on stumps for ‘Apple Pie Day’ and there was an extremely popular chicken shop for ‘Fried Chicken Day’ but if you’re not a fan of chicken – don’t worry – they do lots of other stuff too!



Willow are closing in on ‘opening night’ for their leavers production and the first portion of the session was spent singing through songs and going over lines once more. Once in the forest they got to work making shelters for possibly the last time in their primary school careers. They did such a great job and soon decided it was called ‘mega den’ everybody worked on the den drawing on all of their forest experience to tie knots in all sorts of places! At the end of the session they came and sat down for a group photo!



Maple were very impressed with the shelter left by Willow and it soon turned into a mighty chocolate fire! A hole was dug in the middle of it and then filled with all the squishy mud (which was also left in the digging zone by Willow). The mud was also used to decorate anything and everything in their path…hands, faces, trees, leaves but the most imaginative mud creation was a ladybird house. It had a roof, pool, working door and it actually had 2 floors! Check rightmove as it’s going to be rented out for £800 a month (bills not included).



Fire! For the last session of Forest that the little ones are having before the Summer Holidays we thought it was only right to light a fire and have some popcorn! Before we could get lighting, they had a very important job. Some painted rocks had appeared and it was only right to start having a weekly treasure hunt to see who could find the most stones! They raced off around the forest finding the best places to hide the rocks. Then they came back and waited patiently until they heard to popping from the popcorn maker!



Beech were very excited to see the smoke coming out of the forest and it could only mean one thing…tasty treats! They had to wait very patiently before they could snack, as the fire started to go out and the popcorn needed to be cooked in 2 batches. They answered questions and after some good detective work, they knew what fire needed to thrive! Once they’d munched away, they were very excited to find the stones and collect them in a bucket. At last count they had 16 but then they got distracted by Willow’s amazing den!