Puddles, potions, pots and pans!

The weather hasn’t known what to do with itself this week! From sunny days to driving rain, nothing stops the children from enjoying outdoor exploration, especially where puddles are involved!

The children have been really motivated to create shelters and dens lately, whether it’s to shield them from sun or keep out the rain. We have been doing a lot of problem solving about how to secure the dens using pegs and clamps.

Something very exciting happened in the classroom this week… we now have a new home corner! The children produced a list of items that the role play area would need, including pans, cutlery, oven gloves and a tea towel. Every single person agreed with the idea to introduce pasta into the kitchen along with other foods, like fruits and vegetables, pizza and chips! The EYFS teachers have enjoyed being brought cups of tea, plates of macaroni cheese and even buttered toast!

The children have also been helping to develop a new malleable area in the classroom, and helped Mrs Lammin make some new playdough. After measuring and combining the ingredients, the children ensured it was mixed together thoroughly before seeing how it changed with the heat in the microwave. The children really loved the feeling of the fresh, warm playdough!

In forest this week, the children were motivated to continue their learning in music out in the open air! They created a stage, helping one another to move the longer logs and handed out instruments. Mrs Lawrence and Mrs Lammin were treated to renditions of “ABC”, “Spiderman” and “The Wheels on the Bus”!

Phonics sessions have found Saplings revisiting t, p, i, n and Ash class learning ow, oi, er. From now on, Ash will be revisiting and practising using all their special friends sounds (digraphs and trigraphs) in their reading and writing. Maths learning has focused on estimating number and finding 2D shapes in the classroom!

If our week wasn’t jam-packed enough, we had a very special treat on Friday with Fab Science coming to visit Little Hadham! We really enjoyed getting involved making our own ‘Potty Potions’! We made rainbow potions, smoking bubbles, colour changing potions and even exploding ones! It was a lot of fun; thank you Fab Science!