Pump it up!

We have immersed ourselves in our Science topic by making our own ‘blood’ this week! Using a  range of everyday items to represent the different components found in blood, we learnt about the function of the red and white blood cells, plasma and platelets.

In English, we imagined we were plague doctors and wrote diary entries, recalling one sorrowful and agonising night as we tried in vain to save a patient.

In Computing, we worked in teams to plan and write the script for a short film about online safety. Filming begins next week. Watch this space…

Our class text is Holes by Louis Sachar. We are really enjoying the story and this week we were introduced to a new character. We have been using our retrieval skills to find out what the Warden in the story would have looked like and we have been using our inference skills to describe her character and behaviour. We loved modelling a cowboy hat and stepping into the Warden’s shoes for a bit. We also found a great description of the infamous yellow-spotted lizard. Year 6 agree this is not a creature we would like to meet in person.

Travelling back to the Middle Ages, it was time to sort the chronology of this era and find out what else was happening in the world at the time of the Black Death.

A blustery and rainy week – just perfect for some den building and team work!

Happy weekend, Year 6!