Quiet, or they Shy Ants won’t come…


Lime had to be as quiet as mice and as secret as squirrels today, as Willow class were doing their SATs! This can be a very tricky task when you’re in the forest but they did a great job. The class were mostly split into 2 groups during the session, one of which was a huge gang playing a ‘hide and seek championship’. They played 12 rounds and eventually crowned a winner. Elsewhere, a Roman fort was built using a tarp (they’re getting very good at building these now) and they were fighting some Scottish people!



Willow had a lot of energy to burn off and they set to work building their own small businesses. most of them became builders who went about completely redesigning their fort. To begin with it looked as though there was no plan, with most of the old fort coming down but it wasn’t long before the relocated sticks started to take shape and they even made a few different rooms! Other small businesses were; lightsabre seller, flower power sellers, ice lolly shop, a bank and a met gala dress designer!



A note, a note! The Shy Ants needed some help and the little ones were up to the task. They needed to get from the digging zone to the mushrooms, but Shy Ants don’t like to be seen by humans, so the job of making them a stick path was very important. They rushed around finding sticks and lining the forest floor. After last weeks’ stormy weather, some members decided that a shelter was needed. They all hid in the shelter and called the Shy Ants to let them know it was safe and a very polite second ‘thank you’ note was left.



The Shy Ants also paid a visit to Beech class too! A small group worked really hard to make the line of sticks but it was very tricky with all the other busy feet occasionally breaking the chain! The fact they had to work for it made them feel even more triumphant as they found the second note. Elsewhere, the blossom tree was incredibly popular, they scooped up huge handfuls and made stew, fruit salad and a lot of confetti. The new and improved fort was very exciting to explore too!



Maple also created their own small businesses. A big group wanted to put on a ‘bean concert’ and this was their perfect opportunity! They sold tickets at a cost of 5 leaves and set out logs for everyone to sit on. They didn’t draw a huge crowd and it became clear why…the bean song is just one line…repeated over and over…’When the beans went to town’. For. A. Very. Long. Time…! Less repetitive businesses were; wood seller, sushi bar, chocolatier and some advertisers who were paid in leaves to tell people about your business!