Ready or not…


The ground was frozen solid, which was great news for those that didn’t want to wear waterproofs! Once wellies were on, they searched the forest for ice…but were unsuccessful.  As it was ‘Kite Day’ this week, a few leaf kites were made and run around the forest in an attempt to get them airborne. Some made a flower shop using sticks and leaves which was very popular too. There was also a great excavation in the digging zone, involving a small dedicated group trying to get logs out so that they could get the shovels.



World Hide and Seek Championships 2024! A massive group of children decided that they were going to play hide and seek to see who was the champion. There were multiple rounds with each having shorter time to hide. After the ‘usual’ spots were full, they had to use their imaginations to find more intricate hiding spaces and even enlist friends as decoys to help hide them!  Most of the rest of the class were working hard in the digging zone. They were trying to make a tunnel that someone can hide in and it was very impressive!



It was a very colourful start to the day for the youngest members of Little Hadham, as a parachute was bought into the forest! It really tested their listening skills as they waited for the instruction that meant they could run under and they really enjoyed waving it around (after a couple of games of their favourite 1, 2, 3, Where are you, of course!) They then scurried off and kept warm by swinging on the swings, avoiding bird poo in the trees and playing hide and seek! They also found a chunk of ice to play with!



Beech were excited to hear that it was Rubber Ducky Day on Saturday and decided to make a special Duck Den. They carried sticks in pairs or dragged them along the floor and began leaning them up against the tree. They weren’t sure if the rubber ducks would have enough space, so they found a Boggle egg and put that inside, so they could truly see what it would be like for a duck to live there! The trees were incredibly popular and they took it in turns well and they loved the Willow’s tunnel in the digging zone too.



Maple had heard tales of the Hide and Seek Championships and wanted in on the action! They hid in lots of great spaces and some even camouflaged themselves by getting people to cover them. It became very competitive as each of the players vied to become the champion but then it transpired that no one was keeping count and it was difficult to ascertain who had won! The tunnel in the digging zone collapsed but they didn’t mind, as they had more room to play now. Some soup that turned into potions were also made!