Remote Learning Tuesday 12th January

Good Morning everybody and Happy Tuesday to you all.

Following on from yesterday’s difficulties we are just going to post today’s activities as a list and see how we all get on. So …


Threading beads/pasta. Use string or shoelaces. Large or small beads. Can you make a pattern? Can you make a repeating pattern?


Return to White Rose Maths Home Learning for Reception. Alive in 5! Week 1 Session 2
Please follow Miss Cooper’s challenge of finding zero and not zero in your house OR on a walk.
Go on a scavenger hunt in your garden or house and find: 1 of something (eg a piece of fruit) 2 of something different (eg 2 socks) 3 of something, 4 of something and 5 of something. Count carefully! Lie your things out in a picture.


Make a set of cards with one of the sounds that you know on each piece of paper/card OR use the ones we have sent home already. You need s a t p i n m d g o c k e u r h and b. You will need 2 of each card. Play some games – matching pairs, hide and seek sounds, how many sounds can you turn over and recognise in one minute – make your own games up.
Look at the words ‘he’ and ‘she’. Get a grown up to write them down to show you. Then you practice writing them on your board. These are two new Tricky Words. You will see them a lot and need to be able to just know them when you see them.
Ask a grown up to put 2 and then 3 of your sound together and you sound out the word e.g. it, as, on, at, cat, hop, dog, sit, mat, gas, put, din.
SAPLINGS (and Ash if you like)
Play Kims Game. Put 5 things on a tray from around your house. Your child can collect them. Have a look at them all on the tray. Cover them, with a tea towel for example and see if your child can tell you what is missing. Build up the number of things that you have on the tray.


Make your own story using Jack Frost as the character OR the problem. Let your imagination go WILD!

Finish any of the activities from yesterday that you didn’t have time to do!

And finally Mrs Lammin is here to read Monkey Puzzle! (if the link doesn’t work copy and paste this in your browser:

A bit of a whistle stop day but … Tapestry has had a long and hard day!! Hopefully a bit more normal service will resume on Wednesday.

Take Care all of you!