Rhythm of the Trees


Lime were excited about the music assembly that was coming up which showcases all the different instruments you can learn to play! The main instrument that was heard around the forest were drums. Some put logs together to make their own kits and others just bashed trees. An aquarium was made full of fish, sharks and stingrays, using leaves, sticks and seeds. Some salad was made by mixing together lots of green bits and a coffee shop too, which sold some very delicious-looking drinks!



Even though they’ve been in this forest for the last few years at Little Hadham , they always seem to find something new to do. They were back for the 2nd week in a row collecting as many bugs as possible in the bug pots, with the sole aim of making them fight – WWE style. They watched patiently but no pile drivers were seen. Another great find was some kind of animal bone. They thought it was probably from a bird or a rabbit. A group dug for the whole session and a couple of very high energy games of Seek and Hide were played.



The bug pots were out again for Ash and Saplings and they found more slugs than they thought was possible! After a quick (very successful) game of ‘1, 2, 3, Where Are You?’, a huge battle raged throughout the session between a group of pirates and a stick that was stuck in the digging zone. They dug around it to no avail, then they tied some rope to it and heaved with all their might until it came free. Elsewhere, lots of children really pushed themselves while tree climbing and were proud to have climbed to new heights!



Beech were also tasked with making some musical instruments after the great assembly on Wednesday and lots of children hit sticks together or arranged stumps like drum kits. There was also a violin and some sort of flute/recorder that could be heard toot tooting. An excellent potion was made which gave you super powers. One child turned into a sloth and hung upside down for a very long time. Flowers were gathered together to make a flower arrangement and some children went on ‘stinging nettle patrol’ to hit back any dangerous stingers with sticks.



Maple were very creative with their instrument making. Some sat on the stumps and whittled little holes into sticks to make flutes, which was very impressive! A staging/deck area was built in the digging zone just in time for the sun to come out. A group relaxed on their decking to catch the rays. Another group started their own gang called the ‘Ostrich Gang’ and spent the majority of the session writing down their rules and trying to conceal them in some split open bamboo. An awesome shelter was made too!