Roll up, roll up and meet ‘Bobathan’ the forest’s longest worm…


Firework displays aplenty were had in the forest today! Huge collections of dry leaves were stuffed into buckets and after a hearty countdown, were launched into the air. There were some bonfires and a few restaurants selling hot drinks and snacks, to avid firework fans. Elsewhere, the quest for the greatest forest moustache was on, (no that’s not a typo…) leaves and sticks were offered up to various upper lips but none were up to their very lofty standards! Obviously, they chanted ‘Moustache Mania’ as they hunted…



Willow were more interested in the origins of Bonfire night and a discussion began about why we celebrate it. After a while, they came to the conclusion that Guy Fawks needed a grave, so began work on a burial site for him! The digging zone was given an almighty overhaul and great discoveries of pottery were made as about a foot worth of mud was dislodged. Some continued the work of building steps into the fort too, while those hanging around in the tree sat and watched.



Ash and Saplings have been learning about food in class, so what better thing to do in the forest than make their own restaurants? There were mainly fast-food burgers being made out of mud and leaves and some of the chefs took great pride in getting the orders wrong! There was a very loud monkey game the trees and it was lovely to see lots of great friendships starting up. Some worked to tie some rope to a stick and pulled it behind them, like a dog, for the rest of the session!



Beech had been speaking about Remembrance Day and some decided to build a memorial out of sticks to pay their respects. Others created a special firework display, which was a kind of rope pulley contraption and also made leaf poppies. Some marched around the forest like soldiers in very well-ordered lines and made a bunker to hide in. Lots of worms were found in the digging zone too, they made a pile of them and some were feeling brave and picked them up!



A special Remembrance Day ceremony took place at the start of the session which mainly involved a special Strictly style dance, as a compare narrated. They also found enormous piles of bugs! It started with a worm sanctuary but before too long a millipede had been found. There was a worm measuring competition that generated quite a lot of interest and the winner ‘Bobathan’ was paraded triumphantly around so everyone could get a good look. A Devil’s Coach Horse beetle was also found which some found terrifying!